Viable Alternatives to Plastic Panels

If you have recently moved into a home that has plastic panels on the walls, you may wish to change these for something else. Plastic panels look rather unattractive, and they date very quickly. While they are lightweight and can be used to protect against heat loss in your home, they can be easily damaged, and they can also become worn and unpleasant. In fact, they just look unattractive to many people, and they would be happy to replace them with any other kinds of material. Finding a viable alternative to plastic panels for your home is not too difficult.

Ceramic Tiles

One of the easiest replacements for plastic panels are ceramic tiles. When you remove your plastic tiles, you may find that there are ceramics already in place behind the panels, as they were once used to cover over ceramic and porcelain tiles. The latter are now back in fashion, so if you are lucky enough to find some of these behind your wall, then you should definitely keep them. Just smarten up the ceramic tiles by removing any of the marks from the plastic panel installation, and add caulk where necessary. Even if you have not found ceramics behind your plastic panels, then you can still add some easily in the space where the panels once belonged. Fitting them is not to difficult.

Glass and Stone

Another alternative to the use of plastic panels are glass or stone tiles. Like ceramics, these can be easily fitted over the place of the plastic panels, and you can also create interesting patterns and designs from the tiles, which will look great for many years to come. The main problem is removing the plastic panels in such a way that the walls behind them are not damaged, but you can have people in to do this, or even simply sand down the wall before adding the new tiles.


Cork is a good replacement for plastic panels. Like the plastic, it can be found in large squares which simply attach to the walls. Children often like these replacement walls, as they can put pictures or drawings up on the wall without damaging the plaster. Corkboards also help to keep away cold air, and are almost as good as plastic panels at insulating your rooms.


If you wish to, you can cover over the area of the plastic panels using wallpaper. Textured wallpaper is best as a replacement for the panels, as it will not show imperfections from the wall behind. An extra layer of plaster over the remains of the panels can also help you to install wallpaper, although it will probably never be good enough for paint. You could use an extra layer of sheetrock behind the wallpaper to create a completely flat surface while providing additional insulation.