Vice-Grip Pliers

Vice-grip pliers may appear complicated to use at first glance, but they are really quite simple. Vice-grip pliers all have a mouth with teeth and squeezable handles. Some have an adjustable knob and bar in the handles that controls the way the mouth can open.

• To use vice-grip pliers, use the handles to close the teeth of the mouth over whatever you would like to hold.
• You may have to adjust the mouth of the vice-grip pliers to reach around what you are working on. The knob on the back of the handle bars can be tightened or loosened for this.
• Some models do not have the knob and use a sliding knob instead. This knob is located between the mouth and the handles and can be maneuvered into different positions to make the pliers larger or smaller.

What to use Vice-Grip Pliers For

Vice-grip pliers work on a large number of projects. Many times they are used to hold a screw steady while a nut is tightened around it. Vice-grip pliers have a spring action inside of them that allows the user to apply less force to hold the object in place.