How to Use a Rotary Hammer

BRAD PENNINGTON: Hey guys, how are you? Three quick tips on a rotary hammer. Rotary hammers are drills that simultaneously hammer away at material while they drill.

One is don't over drill. What I've learned is if you try to power through it, put too much pressure on it, you're going to end up stopping the drill bit.

Two is clear out the flute because all that stuff, I mean it's designed to pull out all of the dust and all the debris, but I've found that when you're trying to use like a redhead or some sort of concrete screw or whatnot, sometimes that flute or the shaft gets clogged down, so make sure you clear that out.

And three use a bit that's designed for concrete. That's sometimes a mistake to just use any old tip that's in your bit box. Do not use that, use a masonry bit. Masonry bits often have ultra durable carbide tips and shafts covered in a hardening coat. Those are designed with the specialty head so they bore out the concrete as it spins as opposed to a wood tip which is sort of singular all the way down the shaft and just supposed to bore out just a clear hole. Whereas concrete bit tip has a particular end, almost like a T point. It clears out the front edge of your hole.

So there you go. Three quick tips.