Vinyl Casement Windows vs. Wooden Casement Windows

Whether you are replacing existing windows or working on a new construction project, the decision of whether to include wood or vinyl casement windows in your home can be a difficult one. Each offers advantages over the other, and both have limitations of some kind. Ultimately, the decision of which type of window to install depends upon your budget, preferences and situation. However, the following comparison of vinyl and wooden casement windows may be helpful in making your ultimate decision.

Benefits of Vinyl Casement Windows

One of the most significant benefits of vinyl casement windows over wooden ones is the price. Vinyl windows are oftentimes dramatically cheaper than wooden ones. If your budget is at all limited, vinyl windows may be a good choice.

Vinyl casement windows tend to have tight joints that are good at maintaining temperature levels and not allowing for transference of heat between the indoors and outdoors. Wooden windows have a wider range of stability in this sense, and some wooden windows actually do a worse job of retaining heat and maintaining temperature than vinyl windows. If this is your primary concern with your windows, you may be able to find a set of vinyl windows that will provide equal or better insulation than wood ones for a fraction of the price.

Benefits of Wooden Casement Windows

Most homeowners and builders recommend wooden casement windows over vinyl ones. Although they have the disadvantage of being quite a bit more expensive at the outset, they provide a number of benefits over vinyl windows over the long term. Related to the initial cost is the fact that wooden casement windows can dramatically increase a home's resale value, while vinyl casement windows generally do not. This has to do with the fact that wooden casement windows typically enjoy a much longer functional lifespan than vinyl ones, which oftentimes warp and require replacement or maintenance work after just a few years.

Many types of wooden windows offer better insulation and protection against damage and exposure as compared with vinyl windows. Wooden windows are also much easier to paint and decorate than vinyl windows, and many people find the natural wooden casement window appearance to be preferable over the aesthetic look of vinyl windows. Ultimately, however, this element is a personal choice.

Other Considerations

In addition to wood and vinyl casement windows, there are a variety of other types of windows available. Fiberglass casement windows tend to be the most expensive type but are increasingly popular because of their superior lifespan and insulating abilities. Many people also prefer the appearance of fiberglass casement windows to both vinyl and wooden casement windows.

If you have any questions about which type of casement window will best suit your needs, consult with a window installation or maintenance service. Before having any type of window installed it is important to shop around for quotes from a variety of different companies. There is a great deal of variation in quality even within the type of material (wood, vinyl, etc.), and communicating with a range of companies helps to ensure that you get the best value and the ideal material for your needs.