Vinyl Downspout Installation Instructions

What You'll Need
Vinyl downspouts, including couplers and pipes
3 vinyl elbows (45 degrees)
Vinyl hanging brackets
Vinyl drop outlet
Splash block
Miter saw
Line level/Chalk line
Tape measure

Downspout installationis an easy DIY project, particularly if you are using a vinyl gutter system. Vinyl downspouts are part of a vinyl gutter systems and are easy to handle owing to their light weight. They are also much easier to cut and secure. A vinyl gutter system works best with a vinyl siding; however, you can use a vinyl gutter system regardless.

Step 1 – Find the Drop Outlet

If you are considering installing vinyl downspouts, you probably already have your vinyl gutters in place. If yes, find the drop outlet on your gutter. You should find it at the edge of your roof and on the lowest point of the slope of your gutter. Once you find it, move to Step 3. If you don’t have a drop outlet installed. You will need to install one.

Step 2 – Install a Drop Outlet

A drop outlet should ideally be installed when installing gutters. If it is not there, you may need to remove the last section of your gutter, attach a drop outlet to the end using a vinyl bracket, and then re-attach the last section of the gutter (one end at the drop outlet and the other to the gutter connector at the opposite end.

Step 3 – Installing the Top Section

Attach a 5-inch downspout pipe to the drop outlet using a coupler. You can cut the vinyl pipe to measure, using a miter saw and smooth the edges using sandpaper. Next, attach a 45-degree elbow to the pipe, with the mouth facing the wall. Then, place another elbow flush against the wall, with one end facing outward and the other pointing downwards. Measure the distance between the two elbows. Next, cut another piece of pipe based on this measure. Attach one end to the first elbow, and the other end to the elbow on the wall. You can secure these with the help of vinyl brackets that can be screwed on the wall with the help of screws. The type of siding you have will determine the type of screws that you will use. Use vinyl sealants on the pipe rims for a better seal.

Step 4 – Installing the Downspout Pipe

 Attach the first downspout pipe to the second elbow, and then continue all the way to the ground. Stop at 6 inches above the ground. Use vinyl couplers to connect the pipes, and secure vinyl brackets around the pipes every 18 inches. You should use a line level or a chalk line to ensure that your pipe is straight.

Step 5 – Installing the Bottom Section

Your downspout pipe should end 6 inches above the ground. To this, attach another elbow with the mouth facing away from the house. This completes your downspout installation. If your ground is concrete, no further action needs to be taken. However, if the downspout ends in a muddy area, you should install a splash block directly under the open mouth of the elbow to prevent slushing and shifting of soil.