Vinyl Fence Panel Cutting Tips

If you are one of the many people using vinyl for your fencing needs, you should know how to cut vinyl fence panels. Here are some tips.


When you measure your vinyl, be sure that the weather is not extreme. Vinyl expands and contracts when the weather changes. You do not want to discover you cut the wrong size of vinyl a few days after you install it. You need to be sure that you measure and re-measure. Vinyl is not forgiving and has very tight tolerances. Despite these tolerances, you still need to leave some room for expansion and contraction.


Vinyl can be cut in the same way as wood. Just use a chop or table saw. Be sure the blade is sharp and straight. You cannot stray from your measured line, so work slowly and carefully.

Once your panels are cut, you can install them in your fence. They can act as privacy guards, or be used in a picket fence. It's your choice, just have fun.