Vinyl Garage Door Trim: Installation Tips

large garage with white door and molding

You can change the outward appearance of your garage by installing vinyl garage door trim. This can also help seal the smaller cracks where your trim comes together, preventing bugs and other pests from getting into your building.

Have the Correct Trimming Tools on Hand

There are several tools you will want on hand while doing vinyl garage door trim installation. Your main tools should be a snap hole punch, a nail hole punch, and a vinyl unlocking tool used to remove pieces that have been snapped into place already.

Securing the Trim Runners

All types of the vinyl garage door trim and house trim involve a series of runners to hold the vinyl into place. Some are mounted to clips, while others clip onto an actual rail that spans the length of your mounting area.

Proper Cutting of Panels

Once you cut a vinyl garage door trim panel, there is no turning back. Be sure that you take proper measurements to avoid undercutting or over-cutting your pieces.

Getting Corners Flush and Applying Sealants

All the corners of your vinyl garage door trim should be joined at a 45-degree angle and sealed with a rubber sealant to prevent leaking in heavy weather conditions. Water that gets behind the trimming can grow mold and other wood damaging effects over long periods of exposure.