Vinyl Garage Floor: Not Just for Records Anymore

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If your garage looks bad because of cracks and stains on the floor, then vinyl garage flooring might be the solution. Available in tiles or as one rolled piece, vinyl garage flooring solves many problems normally encountered with other surfaces.


Installation of either tiles or a rolled piece of vinyl garage flooring is relatively easy. Scrub the floor before installation to prevent odor from being trapped under the tile. Some installers also choose to finish off by edging carpeting tape or adhesive, although this is not required.

A rolled vinyl floor is designed with channels that move water and dirt away from the center of the floor. These channels come in different designs to meet the buyers' needs and tastes. Channels prevent concrete decay by not allowing standing water on the floor.


Rolled vinyl garage flooring is easy to remove if the concrete floor or the vinyl itself needs to be cleaned. Vinyl garage flooring also provides thermal insulation, noise reduction, and a cushion against the hardness of concrete.

The advantages of vinyl garage flooring make it the perfect choice for your new garage floor.