Vinyl Siding Products, Kits and Accessories

There are so many different vinyl siding products out on the market today. There are kits, products and accessories available to help enhance the beauty of your exterior vinyl siding on your project. Some of the accessories are very reasonable in cost but add a great deal to your home's look and feel. Below are a few of the products, kits and accessories available for your exterior home vinyl installation project.

Vinyl Siding Kits

The vinyl siding kits that you can purchase on the market have everything you would need to effectively complete your vinyl siding installation. The kits are great for the do it yourselfer that will be doing the project themselves. It includes everything from accessories to the hardware necessary to complete the project effectively and efficiently. When you look into and shop around for the different vinyl siding kits check to make sure they have the following properties:

  • Energy Star Rating: Make sure you are getting the most out of your siding. Make sure the siding is made to help you reduce the cost of your energy and electricity bills
  • Instructions: Your kit should come with a well laid out instruction booklet
  • Warranty: Check that the vinyl comes with a warranty

Restoration Kits

If you already have a nice vinyl siding exterior on your home, and if you have found that the vinyl has become faded, you can purchase restoration kits that will give you a chance to clean up the siding and restore the color to an almost new condition. In the restoration kit, you will find everything from tools and chemicals to help restore the color of the siding, to putty that will help you take care of chipped corners to small fasteners that will give you an ability to re-attach the siding in the proper location and space.

Decorative Siding Accessories

Siding no longer has to be boring and unattractive on the exterior of the home. In fact, there are so many different types of siding accessories on the market today, that it makes it really easy to add so many different architectural elements to make the home more appealing and attractive to the eye. Consider some of the following accessories.

  • Door Molding: Door molding is a great addition to the surrounds of any door. You can add different styles, colors and types of molding to compliment the exterior design of your home
  • Shutters: Shutters are almost a staple for the outside of any home. You can purchase vinyl shutters in many different colors and styles. You can find shutters that are operable and inoperable (decorative only).
  • Cornices: To add additional style to the corners of your home, you can purchase decorative corners that get applies to the siding. They again will add a different look and feel to the exterior of your home.

Siding Types

Vinyl siding can be purchased as different styles and types. There is a wide range of color options available.