Vinyl Siding Repair: How to Patch Corner Trim

Lead Image
  • 1 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 5-30
What You'll Need
Vinyl siding corner trim
Tin snips
Utility knife
Sanding block
Polyurethane adhesive
Painter's tape

You can do your own vinyl siding repair on a corner and avoid spending money for a costly professional. Follow the steps below for an easy project.

Step 1 - Purchase Vinyl Siding Patch

At a home improvement store, purchase a patch that matches the damage piece you are looking to remove. The piece needs to be at least large enough to cover the repair, but you may consider buying a full-length piece in case of future damage.

Step 2 - Trim the Nailing Flanges

Cut a piece of the vinyl trim you will use for the patch. Use the utility knife to trim off the nailing flanges—parts at the top and bottom that secure the trim to your house—from the replacement piece. When using the siding as a patch, you do not need the nailing flanges, so cutting it away makes the piece useful for you.

Use a sanding block to sand the underside of the patch as well as the side of the damaged corner piece. A medium grit sanding box is sufficient to make the patch fit properly as a patch on house.

Step 3 - Glue the Patch in Place

Position the patch and glue it on with the polyurethane adhesive (construction glue). Use painter's tape to hold the piece in place while the glue dries. Remove the tape once the glue has dried.

Step 4 - Place a Full-Length Piece on the Corner

The resulting patch will leave marks once the glue dries. If you want to avoid having this occur, place an entire piece of the corner. You will need to have an assistant help you remove the damaged vinyl and place a new full length piece on the corner. The assistant will help hold the piece in place as you nail it in and secure it to the house.