Vinyl vs Aluminum Bahama Hurricane Shutters

When you are in areas that see a lot of hurricanes, then Bahama hurricane shutters are the best choice for you. Bahama hurricane shutters span the entire window. They are constructed from either one sheet of material or curved rows fastened together. These shutters are meant to deflect wind and debris. Bahama hurricane shutters are found in aluminum and vinyl. This information will cover the pros and cons of these two materials so that you can make the best choice.


Both vinyl and aluminum are durable and will last for a long time. Vinyl, however, will last longer, as it is impervious to moisture, sun and the elements. Vinyl shutters very rarely crack, and they certainly do not dent. Aluminum will dent and even rust over time.


Aluminum Bahama hurricane shutters do not look very good hanging on the outside of your home, whereas vinyl can complement the vinyl siding on your home. You can, however, paint designs on aluminum shutters in order to make them better suit your exterior style.


Vinyl Bahama hurricane shutters are often made from several pieces, but aluminum shutters can be bent to form out of one single piece of aluminum. Shutters made from one sheet are stronger.