Vinyl Window Trim

Vinyl window trim provide a durable, low-maintenance alternative to wooden window finishing trim.

PVC products resist weather, moisture and insect damage. Because vinyl window trim does not absorb moisture, it is an excellent choice for bathrooms or other high humidity applications where wood trim may warp or mildew.

Low maintenance
Vinyl window trims do not need to be painted. In fact, many vinyl products will not accept paint at all without extensive surface preparation. Exterior vinyl window trim can be treated the same way as vinyl siding by merely washing it annually. Interior trims require only dusting.

Ordering vinyl window trim
The most common kind of vinyl window trim is smooth white. Some manufacturers also offer trim products with simulated woodgrain in a variety of colors. Some specialty vinyl window trim products are manufactured to be paintable.

PVC or vinyl window trim products are available by special order from manufacturers or home improvement stores.  Installation is similar to wood trim. With the density of pine wood, many PVC products accept the same cutting and routing techniques as dimensional lumber.