Vinyl Wrapped Window Wrap Replacement Tips

A window wrap is a vinyl coated aluminum that normally comes in 5- by 20-foot rolls. Window wrap, also known as trim coil or trim stock in the market, is available in home improvement stores. Wrapping the window is not an essential thing to do but it will make the job of installing windows look more professional. Window wraps are normally done the same time as the window installation, but it can be done even after. Window wraps of windows still require replacement after some time. Here are some window wrap replacement tips:

Vinyl-Coated Aluminum

Make sure your window wrap is made using vinyl-coated aluminum. This is the best way to wrap a window. Don't be deceived by painted aluminum coil stock that appears to be vinyl-coated aluminum. They look great at first, but coil stocks tend to oxidize faster resulting in frequent window wrap replacements.

Coil Dispenser

These window wraps are cut from the coil to fit your window size to fit the outside of your window sill. This is trimmed on a coil dispenser which is available for rental in most equipment rental stores. Make sure you have the coil dispenser for easy trimming.