Volume Ceiling

Building a volume ceiling on your house can create a whole new look to the house. There are many different styles that you can build to make a volume ceiling. The most popular volume ceiling is the vaulted ceiling. Unfortunately for anyone remodeling, building such a ceiling may be very difficult because of the design of the house and roof.

• If you are just building a home this would be the best time to add a volume ceiling into the design.
• You will first want to check to see if the joists are removable. You should contact a building engineer to find out if you have any that are removable. The design in older homes allows for some of these to be taken out. However, in most new homes they have prefabricated trusses that limit you from doing this.
• Even if you have enough space to change your ceiling you have to make sure there’s enough room for insulation as well.

Golden Rule for Making a Volume Ceiling

You will always want to ask a building engineer about modifying your house or building a house with a volume ceiling. If it’s not done properly the supports could be weakened and the roof could collapse.