Wainscoting is made up of several panels of wood that have been nailed to the bottom section of a wall. Installing wainscoting is easy and you can pick up the materials at any hardware store.

• Step 1: Select the type of wainscoting you want. There are many different styles and colors to choose from so make sure you pick out one that matches the room.
• Step 2: Start in a corner and lay a panel against the wall. Use finishing nails to hold the panel in place.
• Step 3: Work your way around the room laying the panels side by side and nailing to the wall. You may need to cut the panels to fit inside corners.
• Step 4: Cut long, thin pieces of trim to cover the top edge of the panels and nail them to the wall with finishing nails.

Painting Wainscoting

Whenever you paint wainscoting you want to make sure that your floors and walls will not get any of the paint on them. Lay down tarps and use masking tape to cover up the trim. If the wainscoting is flat you can apply paint with a roller, but if it is too curved or deep, you will need to use a paint brush.