Wainscoting Your Bathroom With Contrasting Color Schemes

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Wainscoting is an attractive decorative alternative to single color or wallpapered walls in the bathroom. Wainscoting is a design feature that covers between 3 and 5-feet of the lower wall. The top portion is either wallpapered or painted. The contrast between the wall portions creates an interesting 2-toned effect or 2-textured look.

Wainscoting in Your Bathroom

Wainscoting works in just about any kind of room, but it looks especially nice in the bathroom. Traditional wainscoting consisted of vertical tongue and groove slats, but that has changed. Full 4x8-foot sheets of prefabricated material are available, and the patterns are not always vertical.

Since bathrooms tend to be light and open, white wainscoting is a simple and effective choice. Contrasted with pastel colored or lightly patterned walls, the bathroom will have a light atmosphere that highlights both the wainscot and the walls.

The wainscoting in the bathroom should be a pleasing contrast with the walls above it. Another option is to finish the wainscoting with a dark, natural stain and leave the walls white. It reverses the effect while maintaining the level of contrast.

When installing wainscoting, you open up your home to many design possibilities. There are almost limitless combinations that would work, provided there is the necessary contrast between the woodwork and the rest of the wall.