Walk-in Bath Installation Tips

A walk-in bath is a great way for older people to take a bath. As we get older, we all start to lose our mobility, however this doesn't mean that we also have to lose our independence. A walk-in bath makes it possible for anyone to take a bath easily and safely. There are some tips which can make fitting and choosing a walk in bath much easier.

Measure Up Properly

The most important tip is to make sure that you accurately measure the space available. You need to know that the bath will fit the space you have available. There are lots of different walk in baths available in lots of different sizes, choosing the wrong one could be a very costly mistake.

At this point you should also consider the capabilities of the person who you are fitting the bath for. Check that the step height and size of the bath will be suitable for them. By making sure that the bath is suitable for them now you can save a lot of unnecessary costs in the long run.


Bear in mind that you will be fitting this bath for someone who is disabled or not able to move very well. This means that you should put it somewhere that is easy to access. Ideally the person needs to be able to walk straight into the bathroom and straight into the tub. You don't want to tuck it out of way somewhere as this will make it more difficult to open.

Remove the Old Tub

Walk in baths are just as big as a regular tub and some are bigger. Few people could fit two bath tubs in their bathroom and that's why you might need to remove your old tub first. You would be surprised just how many people don't think to remove their old tub when planning their walk in bathroom.


When installing the bath tub you must make sure that you use caulking across all of the joints where the bath meets the wall or floor. This will ensure that the bath tub is fully waterproofed and that no water can creep up inside of the joints. If this is not done properly then the water can cause damage to downstairs or your entire house.


Hygiene is important for everyone and if you can make the bath comfortable and safe for the elderly then these people will be much more likely to use it. Try and make it as convenient as possible and they shouldn't have any problem using it on a daily basis.


All walk in bath tubs are very expensive and that's why many people consider purchasing kits to convert their existing bath tub into a walk bath. You might like to consider this if you are already happy with your current bath.


If you are also suffering from circularity problems then you will benefit from installing a bath which has whirlpool jets inside. These jets will stimulate your blood vessels and will also provide a very relaxing and comfortable experience.