Wall Fans

Including exhaust and ventilation fans as well as mounted oscillating and non-oscillating cooling fans, wall fans serve a number of distinct purposes. Exhaust fans are found in commercial buildings in addition to homes, although on two very different scales. Ventilation fans may be portable or fixed and they are used to bring in coolness and fresh air into enclosed spaces. Cooling wall fans are put to both commercial and residential use, but they are often found in smaller warehouses, shops and garages where central fan systems are not in place. At home, wall-mounted fans are useful in a workshop, for the fan is kept out of the way. 

Wall Fan Brands

Numerous companies produce wall fans of one kind or another. Exhaust fans for home bathrooms and kitchens are produced under brand names such as Panasonic, NuTone, BROAN, Air King and FanTech. Exhaust fans for commercial use are usually much larger and made from different materials. TPI and Global Industrial are two major manufacturers of commercial wall fans. Global Industrial also makes several models of portable ventilation fans.

Wall-mounted fans are produced by a wide variety of manufacturers including Global Industrial, Air King and TPI for heavier duty commercial fans. Gettington, Lasko, Holmes, Fanimation and the Matthews Fan Company among other brands all produce wall fans for domestic use. 

Wall Fans in Commercial Enterprise

In commercial establishments, exhaust and ventilation fans are a vital aspect of the physical space in which work is done. Warehouses, barns, large shops and garages almost always use wall fans equipped with fan belt driven blades. Up to 4 feet in diameter, these large wall fans draw out excessive warm air. In places such as barns filled with combustible material, this is absolutely necessary. Designed to reduce heat as well as draw out airborne irritants, wall exhaust fans come in larger, box-shaped varieties for very large buildings. Commercial wall ventilation fans, rather than draw stale air out, bring fresh air in. Fixed ventilation systems ensure a fresh atmosphere for workers, while portable ventilation fans are used at job sites where work must be done in close quarters. 

Commercial wall-mounted cooling fans are built with a rugged stainless steel body, permanently lubricated motors, and come with a sturdy wall bracket for mounting. They are commonly used in smaller commercial establishments not equipped with central air cooling.

Domestic Wall Fans

Wall fans found in homes provide essentially the same services as those in commercial areas, except they are smaller. Exhaust fans are located in bathrooms as well as kitchens to draw out moisture, excess heat and in some cases grease fumes and smoke. Ventilation fans in homes are frequently found installed in the gables. They draw in cool air from the outside and circulate through a warm attic. Wall fans that mount are not as common in homes as are floor and pedestal fans. In home shops and garages, however, wall-mounted fans provide a nice, out-of-the-way means of cooling.

Wall fans comprise many different types including exhaust, ventilation and cooling fans. Used both commercially and at home, wall fans draw stale air out, bring fresh air in and stir up cool breezes.