Wall Footing Preparation Instructions

When building a concrete wall, a wall footing is the most important part of the entire structure. With a wall footing, your wall is secure and has a foundation that it can stand on without worry of sinking or failing. Wall construction with solid wall footings is much easier to do. When preparing your wall footings here are some instructions to keep in mind.

Build Level Wall Footings

You must take a lot of time to make sure that your wall footing is level. This is important because the forms are a lot easier to work with when they are on a level footing. This is done the easiest by marking your footing planks with a transit and running a chalk line along the length of it.

Build Wall Footings Wide

It is a matter of stability. Building your wall footing wide gives your wall more room to be built. Your footing should be at least double the thickness of the wall you will be building.

Build Wall Footings Strong

Dropping concrete into any type of form means that it needs to be built with some strength. After nailing your planks together for your form, strengthen it with metal banding that runs under your form and attaches to either side.