Wall Hung Toilets Explained

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If space is premium in your bathroom, a wall hung toilet may be the way to go. The tanks for these toilets are slim and hidden behind the wall to which the toilet is affixed. The flush is also quieter than that of traditional toilets. Most importantly, there is more leg room for users.

Features of Wall Hung Toilets

Also known as wall mounted toilets, wall hung toilets have shorter bowls than those found on standard toilets. Because the frame and support for the bowl are also in the wall, the toilet itself doesn’t touch the floor. Wall hung toilets come in comfort height models which are ideal for the elderly and handicapped.

A wall-hung toilet can be a great decision for a small bathroom or powder room. They are quite common in Europe but, can be purchased in the U.S. as well. Wall hung toilets are usually more expensive than traditional toilets, starting at $300.