Wall Mounted Fans

An electric wall mounted fan

Wall mounted fans come in two distinct styles: the type that installs into a wall opening with only a grille being visible—such as bathroom, kitchen and attic exhaust/ventilation fans—or the type of fan that clips onto or bolts to a wall. This latter style of fan is commonly found in small shops and garages that lack larger industrial exhaust systems as well as portable home fans that easily clip to a desk, headboard or window sill.

Wall Mounted Fan Styles: Exhaust Fans

Wall-mounted fans perform several different functions depending on the unit. Bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans install into a wall and vent either directly to the outside or are connected a duct. These fans are unidirectional, for their purpose is to draw hot, moist air out of the room. In the bathroom and kitchen, this is most necessary to keep mold and mildew at bay and to lower the temperature of the room.

Cooling Fans

The other type of wall-mounted fan is used for cooling purposes. These fans either clip onto or are fixed mounted to the wall. They are ideal for small commercial establishments with no central venting or exhaust system. They are also quite useful for home shops and garages.

Wall-mounted fans are constructed of either hard plastic or metal and depending on their size and use, they are able to move between 70 and several thousand cubic feet of air per minute.