Wall Murals

Wall murals are an amazing way to transform a space into much more than it could be with only flat paint.  It is possible to hire a professional painter to come into your home to paint custom wall murals, but there are ways you can create them yourself.

How to Create Beautiful Wall Murals

One way to create amazing wall murals yourself is to utilize technology.  Modern advances have made it possible to blow up digital photographs to huge sizes without loosing detail and clarity.  Here are some basic instructions on how to create custom wall murals using your own favorite photographs.

  • Find a photo you already love or take photos of things you think you would like for your wall murals.
  • You can scan print photos, but for best results use a digital photo for your wall murals.
  • Do an Internet search for custom wall murals or even for custom posters to find a company that will blow the photo up to your desired size.
  • Consider how you want to finish the edges.  You may want to get the photo to the size of the existing wall space, or you may decide to put a finish around the edges. 
  • If you decide to finish the edges of your wall murals, purchase the appropriate materials.  Molding and window frames can make great custom edges for your wall murals.
  • Decide how you want to attach your wall murals and any edge finishing if appropriate.  Most people use adhesive or double stick tape.  You may also choose to mount the photo on wood and then attach that to the wall as you would any mirror or print.