Standard Installation for Commercial Wall Coverings

Important - If at any time during the installation a discrepancy is discovered, STOP. Contact your distributor before proceeding. Also, always check manufacturers' instructions.

  • Before cutting, examine goods to make sure pattern and color are as ordered. Check all roll tickets to determine if more than one run or lot number of the same pattern is to be installed.
  • Cut panels and headers in roll number sequence, making sure that run numbers are broken at INSIDE corners only. Allow for matching of repeats and trimming at the ceiling and the baseboard.
  • Many matched patterns, geometric patterns and textiles should be table trimmed before installing. A sharp blade should be used to minimize fraying of fabric (use one blade per cut). Other patterns should be overlapped and double cut on the wall. A double cutting tool or seam pad is recommended to prevent scoring the wall.
  • Number panels and headers as they are cut from the roll and apply to the wall in the same sequence.
  • Install all wallcovering under adequate lighting and evaluate for color uniformity. When proper lighting conditions are not possible, duplicate the final lighting conditions as nearly as possible.
  • Take extra care to keep adhesives and dirt from the wallcovering surface.
  • After three panels have been hung on the wall surface and excess paste removed, examine the installed panels for uniformity in color. If any color variation is noticed discontinue hanging and contact the distributor.

Content Provided by the Wallcoverings Association (WA).