Wall Outlet Replacement

Outlets are easy to replace, but since they are rather durable, they rarely cause trouble. Many older homes may have non grounded outlets and or non polarized outlets, calling for an easy upgrade. Sometimes vibration loosens outlets and their screw contacts and they may need tightening.

To Replace:

  1. Remove fuse or trip circuit breaker to off for the room or outlet you are replacing. Test to be sure you have correct circuit by plugging a lamp that you know works into the receptacle.
  2. Unscrew and remove face the plate.
  3. Unscrew the mounting screws at top and bottom and pull the unit out.
  4. Notice how wires are connected and connect them to the new unit the same way. All white wires are connected to the side with a silvery color and the black wires to the brassy terminals.
  5. A green grounding wire is connected on newer systems so be sure to reconnect this wire also. If not and a loose ground wire is present, connect it to the grounding screw attached to the top of the metal support plate.
  6. Reassemble the outlet doing steps above in reverse order.
  7. Wrap electrical tape around the entire top, bottom and sides of the outlet so that when removing it in the future, you have less of a chance of touching wires.
  8. If the outlet is on an outside wall you may consider adding a weatherstrip backing plate to keep cold air out.
  9. Replace the plate and test.