Wallpaper Removal: Is Sanding an Effective Alternative?

The process of wallpaper removal can be daunting to even those who have done in many times before. Sanding however can be an effective alternative to actually removing the paper. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding if this is the best route for you.

When You Should Sand

Ideally you will want to try to get all of the wallpaper off so that you can work with a nice new surface. However, depending on who put up the wallpaper there can be several problems with loosening and removing it. If the wallpaper is glued right onto the drywall and you are finding it impossible to get off then sanding may be the option for you.

How to Sand

This process really isn't too hard. First you basically need to sand over the old wallpaper to make sure everything is smooth and level. This may take a few rounds of sanding before you get it to be as smooth as you would like. Then you want to prime the old wallpaper that you just sanded down. A coat or two of primer should be enough. Once it is primed you can either choose to wallpaper over again or you could paint.

Trying to remove the wallpaper is the first thing that you should do, however if it won't budge then sanding is definitely another way to go.