Wall-To-Wall Glass Bi-fold Doors: Pros and Cons

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Although glass bi-fold doors were a luxury just a few years ago, many recent homes contain them as a standard feature. As the trend toward glass bi-fold doors in new homes builds, more and more homeowners are considering adding these doors to their preexisting homes. However, while glass bi-fold doors are attractive and trendy, they are not necessary a wise investment for all homes and homeowners. Read on for some of the pros and cons of installing wall-to-wall bi-fold doors in your home.

Bi fold Door Pros

Bi-fold doors help to enhance the atmosphere of any room. They can be closed to create a certain aesthetic or opened in warm weather to blur the gap between indoor and outdoor. For this reason, they are an excellent choice for any home that hosts social gatherings but is not large enough to fit an entire party inside. Bi-fold doors will help to increase the space that you perceive in the room.

Glass bi-fold doors can be installed in space that was previously closed off by a wall. This can dramatically alter and improve the lighting and appearance of your room, both from the inside and the outside.

Because bi fold doors are increasingly popular in today's housing market, installing high-quality bi-fold doors made of glass is a worthy long-term investment. These doors, if installed properly and maintained well, can pay for themselves by increasing the resale value of your home. If you expect that you may sell your home at some point in the future, consider installing an automated opener and other optional features, as these may become standard and expected later on.

Bi fold Doors Cons

Glass bi-fold doors do come with a price. First, the cost of materials and installation may be several thousand dollars. If you plan to remove a portion of wall in order to install the doors, this price can increase even further. As such, consider all of the ramifications of installing these doors before undertaking the project. It is also wise to consult with multiple contractors for pricing estimates.

On top of the costs of adding the doors themselves, be aware that they are quite energy inefficient. This may contribute to increased air conditioning and heating costs later on, particularly if you leave the doors open during the summer months. Homeowners who are concerned with keeping an energy efficient house may want to avoid installing doors of this kind.

Bi-fold glass doors are difficult to install properly. As a result, unless you have a good deal of experience, you will likely have to hire a contractor or other laborers to fit and install the doors. This may be a lengthy and expensive process.

Glass bi-fold doors are lovely additions to houses of all types. They create a dramatic alteration of the appearance of a room or home, and can help to make the home more accessible for gatherings and other events. However, they also carry a heavy price and may not fit some homeowners' requirements for energy efficiency. If you have other questions about installing glass bi-fold doors in your home, talk with a specialist at a home improvement store.