Washer Replacement on Bath and Shower Faucets

What You'll Need
New washer

Leaks in the bath and shower faucets is a very common problem and the main reason for most leaks is a faulty washer in the faucet. You can always call a professional to replace the washer, but if you want to save $100 to $200 you can do this on your own. Replacing the washer is a very easy task and can be done very easily by anyone.

Step 1 - Washer

For replacing the washer, first you have to buy a proper washer from the market that will go inside the faucet and fit perfectly.

Step 2 - Turn off Water

You have to open the faucet, but before doing so make sure that the water supply to the shower is turned off. Now for opening the faucet; most of them have a small screw in the center and in many this screw is covered by a decorative plastic cover, remove the cover and then the screw.

Step 3 - Replace

Remove the old washer and place the new one. Make sure it fits in perfectly and then put back the screw and the cover.

Step 4 - Finishing Up

Turn on the water supply to check if there is any leaking. If there is a further leak, try out a washer of a different size or there may be some other fault causing the leak.