Washing Jalousie Windows

  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-15
What You'll Need
Clean rags
Soft cloth
Water container

Due to their constant exposure to the outside world, it is imperative to wash jalousie windows at least once a week to prevent the accumulation of dust. However, constant washing of the jalousie window also makes it vulnerable to rust, since jalousie windows are made up of moving metal parts. Washing jalousie windows should be accompanied with an assessment of the parts of the jalousie window, especially the moving metal parts. These metal parts may be in need of cleaning, especially if they begin to creak noisily.

The jalousie window is made up of the arm. The function of the arm is to pull or push the window outwards or inwards. The arm may get broken because of constant use, or natural wear and tear. The crank, on the other hand, acts as the handle. The common defect of jalousie windows involve weak cranks which can be torn off after a certain period of use. Cranks can also become stiff, especially during the cold season when metal expands. Also, jalousie windows can be a source of injury, especially regarding the window glass slides. These glass slides can be shattered if improperly handled. A shattered glass slide can result in an incomplete and unsightly window. In order to implement effective washing of the jalousie windows, follow these easy steps:

Step 1 - Assess the Condition of the Jalousie Window

Before you begin washing the jalousie window, assess first if any parts are broken. Use the screwdriver to check if there are loose screws. Jalousie windows which have been improperly inserted can smash and cause injury. If necessary, apply on creaking joints for smoother window opening and closing.

Step 2 - Tilt the Jalousie Window

Tilt the jalousie window approximately 45 degrees in order to remove the individual glass slides. From this angle, you can now remove the glass slides safely, one by one. Place them carefully on a soft surface. If there’s no soft surface, utilize the clean rags.

Step 3 - Wash the Jalousie Window Glass Slides

Clean the window glass slides vigorously by using the rags dipped in the cleaning solution of soap and water. Later, dry them with a soft cloth in order to avoid abrasion.

Step 4 - Put the Window Glass Slides Back into Place

Gently slide the newly cleaned glass slides back into place. Be very careful in doing this, hold the glass slides horizontally, and avoid coming into contact with the glass slide edges. Some glass slide edges are sharp and may cause injury. Make sure all of the window glass slides are firmly integrated.

Step 5 - Test the Newly Washed Jalousie Window

Your newly cleaned jalousie window should now not only look better, but perform more smoothly as well. Once again, check if all the screws are fastened securely. Open and close the jalousie window several times to ensure that there are no loose screws or loosely connected window glass slides.