Washing Sunroom Windows - Squeaky Clean

What You'll Need
Water Fed Extension Pole
Large pole Brush
Flat Squeegee
Rubber Boots
Strong Cleaning Solution

Having a sunroom built onto the backside of your home is a great way to add new outdoor living space. A sunroom is a room that is mostly made out of windows. They can reach from the floor to the ceiling. In a lot of different sunrooms the windows can also wrap around and extend to make up the ceiling also.

You will notice that after awhile the windows will get dirty. This is especially true if your sunroom is near trees. Leaves, branches, bird droppings, and even sap can fall onto the windows. If allowed to sit there for a period of time, they can become hard to wash off with regular cleaning solutions. Here is an easy step by step guide to help you wash your sunroom windows so they are squeaky clean.

Step 1 - Rent and Assemble Scaffolding

One of the main issues with washing the windows of your sunroom is safety. If you have windows that extend and operate as the ceiling, you will not want to walk out on the glass. It will break and you could  be seriously injured. The best way to wash your sunroom windows is to rent scaffolding high enough for your sunroom. Rent enough to not only reach your sunroom's roof, but also go past the edge by a foot. Assemble the scaffolding as close as you can to the edge of the sunroom.

Step 2 - Sweep off with Brush

With a long brush attached to a long extension begin sweeping off the windows on the roof. Do this easily by moving the dirt and debris towards you. This will pull it towards the edge where it will fall off.

Step 3 - Fill Bucket with Water and Cleaning Solution

Fill a large bucket with water and a strong, industrial cleaning solution. If the dirt is really caked on, it will not come off with regular class cleaner.

Step 4 - Attach Brush to Water-Fed Extension

Attach the brush to a water-fed extension. Attach a garden hose to the extension and have the water turned on. Set the brush in the cleaning solution and then start scrubbing the windows with the brush. As the water is fed through the brush it will react with the cleaning solution and remove the debris. Keep moving along the window until it is clean.

Step 5 - Squeegee the Window Dry

Once the window pane has been washed, you will have to get rid of the water or water spots will appear once it is dry. Use the squeegee to pull all the water towards you and let it run down the side of the sunroom.

Step 6 - Repeat Until All Windows Are Done

Repeat this process for each window. You should do all the windows separately. If you try to do them all the first windows will dry and have water spots.