Water Conservation: 3 Ways to Save Water

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Water conservation is a primary concern for many people. Not everyone knows what they can do to save water, however. Here are some simple steps that help.

1. Install Low Flow Faucets
Low flow faucets restrict the amount of water that flows from a sink or shower head, and can save up to 50% of the water a person would normally use to wash or shower.

Early versions of these low flow faucets left an unsatisfying small or weak water flow, but the current versions are high powered and work well. They can save a significant amount of water in the bathroom and kitchen.

2. Water Lawns Early or Late

Avoid watering lawns during the heat of the day when much of the water will evaporate. It’s best to water them early in the morning when it is just becoming light, or just at dusk.

The best watering method is putting on an inch or so once a week, rather than frequent, smaller watering.

3. Automatic Shutoffs

There are simple and relatively inexpensive faucets that homeowners can install that utilize motion sensors for auto shutoff or have a spring loaded timer that turns the water off after a short period of time. This conserves water with no effort whatsoever.