Water Conservation is Sustainable: 7 Habits to Learn

Sustainable conservation is a practice that encourages both businesses and homeowners to protect the environment. Each person and company is encouraged to do things to create a sustainable infrastructure. From supporting local agriculture and local farmers, sustainable conservation also means developing a methodology to conserve water. Below are seven habits to learn to conserve water in your business, you home life and across your communities and neighborhoods.

Habit # 1 – Reduce Toilet Water

The average homeowner uses way too much water when flushing the toilet. In order to reduce the amount of water used when flushing your toilet, add a water bottle or a plastic bottle inside your toilet tank. Take your plastic bottle and fill it with a few pebbles and then add it to the tank. Watch how much less water you consume from just this simple habit!

Next, stop using your toilet as a waste receptacle. Go throw your trash out in the trash can and not in the toilet.

Last, check the toilet for leaks. A leaky toilet will use a lot more water. Fix your leaks accordingly.

Habit # 2 – Take Shorter Showers

Don’t drain your hot water tank anymore! Reduce the amount of water you use by taking a quick shower. Make every minute count! Don’t spend any extra seconds in the shower dreaming or singing. Get yourself clean and get out!  You won’t believe how much water consumption you will save.

Habit # 3 – Turn the Water off when Brushing

Don’t leave the water running while you are spending the time brushing and flossing your teeth. Turn the water off. Turn it back on to rinse your mouth.

Habit # 4 – Use the Dishwasher Accordingly

Do not use your dishwasher unless you have a full load. Lightly rinse your dishes before you put them inside your dishwasher.

Habit # 5 – Fully Load Your Washing Machine

No longer do laundry every day. Wait until you have enough laundry to fill your washing machine. If you have a small load, then run the clothing through a small load cycle. Stop using the extra large load function in your laundry machine. Your laundry will get just as clean by using the smaller setting as it would by filling up the inside of the tub.

Habit # 6 – Recreate Your Landscaping

Start to plant a water conserving landscape. Do this by planting drought resistant trees and shrubs. Add a layer of mulch around your trees, shrubs and garden areas. This will trap the water in the garden and landscaping beds. You will have to water less. The environment will take care of your landscaping beauty.

Habit # 7 – Water Sunrise and at Dusk

Do not water your garden or your lawn in the heat of the day. Do not water it during the high noon or late afternoon sun. Instead, change your habits and water the exterior of your home during the morning (before the sun has fully broken) and at dusk (when the sun has just fallen)