Water Dispensers

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Whether it is a built-in, sink-mounted fixture, a freestanding water cooler made of high-impact plastic or a decorative porcelain crock, a water dispenser is an easy and effective way to keep your home, office or workplace supplied with fresh, purified drinking water.

Water dispensers eliminate the need for pricey individual bottles of water or pitchers which need to be continually refilled. And While most tap water is safe to drink, that doesn't mean it tastes good. Water dispensers remove all unknowns, only providing you with the freshest, purest water.

Dispenser Types

Water dispensers come in several types. One choice is a sink-mounted faucet that integrates with the kitchen sink. The filter and stainless steel water tank mount underneath the counter. With the flip of a lever, these units provide instant hot and/or cold filtered water.

Another choice is a freestanding water cooler dispenser. Found in offices and waiting rooms in addition to homes, water cooler dispensers can produce up to three different temperatures of water: hot, cold, and room temperature. They only require a power source and a replaceable 2, 3 or 5-gallon water bottle.

A sytlish alternative freestanding option is a rustic-looking porcelain or stainless steel crock. It is simply a 2.2-gallon container with a wide mouth and a push button valve. Use with a replaceable water bottle or simply fill it with filtered water and apply the lid.

One other type of water dispenser is a portable hot water heater. Resembling a coffee maker, pour in up to 16 ounces of water and have it heated immediately. Water dispensers are also a feature of some ice makers.


The features included with water dispensers vary depending on the type of dispenser it is and the brand. The water crock offered by New Wave Enviro is quite simple in design, possessing only the container, a wide mouth opening, the push-button spigot and the necessary seals. Built-in units from In-Sink-Erator can yield up to 15 quarts of hot water in an hour, and they hook up directly to the water line for continual access to water. Finally, freestanding units feature stainless steel storage tanks, energy efficient heating elements and a removable drip tray and valves for easy cleaning.

Easy to install, safe and useful for a wide range of applications, a water dispenser of one kind or another is the best way to provide your household or workplace with access to clean, purified water on demand.


Brands specializing in built-in faucet models include In-Sink-Erator, KitchenAid, Brasstech, Mountain Plumbing, Franke and Grohe. Available in contemporary as well as traditional designs, these stylish fixtures feature either an all brass or chrome-plated finish, are very durable and install seamlessly to your kitchen sink. Water cooler dispensers are produced by Haier, Avanti, Vitapur, Aquaverve, Clover Electronic and Primo. New Wave Enviro makes a full line of porcelain and stainless steel crocks.

Freestanding water cooler dispensers come in both full-size and tabletop varieties, feature a compressor and heating element and multiple spigots. Sunbeam produces the Hot Shot, a portable hot water dispenser.