Water Saver Toilet

A water saver toilet is a toilet that uses less water than others. Every time you flush about six gallons of water are used to transfer the waste. For people with large families, this can be the cause of very large water bills. To help reduce the cost you can use a water saver toilet, which uses about half as much water.

Luckily you don’t have to buy an entire new toilet to make this work. All you need is a few bricks or a couple mason jars.

• Step 1: Open the lid to your toilet and put it aside.
• Step 2: Place inside a mason jar filled with water, a few bricks, or anything large and solid that will sink to the bottom of the water. Make sure that whatever you put inside does not interfere with the toilet flushing mechanics.
• Step 3: Replace the lid and test flushing the water saver toilet. It should work exactly the same way as before.

How This Water Saver Toilet Works

Every time you flush, the water inside the tank is replaced. The bricks or jars you put inside the water saver toilet displace some of this water, so it has to replace less. Just make sure that whatever you put inside is heavy so that it will not be sucked into the piping.