Water Softener Systems vs Water Filtration Systems

Water softener systems are almost found in every household. It is not always prudent to drink water directly form the tap especially in particular areas and countries throughout the world. The problem crops up when you have to decide what to do in order to eliminate these bacteria or harmful minerals from your drinking water. There are two main systems that you can use, that is, a water softener system or water filtration system, the latter of which normally covers all of the water used in the household, whether for drinking or washing.

Water Softener Systems

Normally water softener systems are based on a salt process, which helps to eliminate harmful hard water minerals which subsequently are replaced by salt ions. There are also non-salt based systems on the market which don’t make use of salt ions to eliminate such dangerous hard water minerals. The problem with these non-salt based systems is that they are vulnerable to oil and hydrogen sulfate (even if they are present in small traces). Salt based system require regular maintenance and are expensive to install, also as a result of this salt based process they add sodium and potassium to your water, whilst non-salt based softeners are cheaper but as mentioned before can be easily damaged by oil and sulfate.

Water Filtration Systems

Normally water filtration system takes care of the whole household thus it may require a small capital to install properly. A water filtration system would first, trap all of the particles larger than ten to one hundred microns and then traps small particles by the help of a second filtration process. A water filtration system is much more secure than water softeners because it will eliminate all of the particles which include metals, non-metals and most importantly dangerous bacteria. As already mentioned above, it is quite expensive to install a water filtration system and requires periodic maintenance, which doesn’t come cheap , but it is the best system for clean water.   

Drinking or Non-Drinking Water

The solution is pretty easy because you have to choose whether you are going to drink that water or not. For non-drinking water you can use a water softener system but if you are going to drink the water then it’s better to opt for a safer system because salt is a major concern. As you can see the type of water filtration system used depends on what you are going to do with the water. Alternatively you can use a simple drinking water filter to improve the quality of your drinking water.

There are various types of systems for achieving clean water but you have to choose carefully because not every water filtration or softener system is good for your needs. The price is a concern, but health is a much bigger concern, so make sure to make an informed choice rather than basing your choice on financial issues only.