Water Stain Removal

Water stain removal is often required when mineral build up on surfaces exposed to liquid becomes evident. In bathrooms and kitchens especially, water stain removal is often necessary.

Water stain removal tools

There are a number of agents that can help with water stain removal. Some are extremely useful for eliminating calcium deposits, iron and other metals that are left behind on solid surfaces. Some of the most common tools used for water stain removal include:

  • Vinegar – This standard household product can be very useful on a number of different surfaces. It is commonly used to remove water stains from coffee pots.
  • Hydrogen peroxide – This can be useful on some surfaces for lifting metals and making water stain removal possible.
  • Specialty products – There are a variety of specialty products produced by manufacturers to tackle water stain removal on different surfaces.

Considerations before diving into water stain removal

Before making an attempt at water stain removal, it is important to consider the material involved. Store-bought acids, for example, might damage delicate surfaces even further. Even vinegar can be a problem on some surfaces. It’s best to work with a product designed specifically for the surface in question. In any event, make sure to carefully rinse and dry a surface after water stain removal is performed. Most solvents are acidic in nature.