Water Treatment Systems: Healthy Advantages

home water filtration system with sample vial

Having a home water treatment system can be a great way to increase your families health. With many of our lifestyles, having a purification system in your kitchen is a great way to ensure your family stays healthy with little effort. Here’s what you need to know.

Removal of Toxins

Our water supplies are polluted with chemicals, toxins, and bacteria every day. There isn’t much that can be done about this. Every time we drive our car to work we contribute to the air pollution, which then is translated in to the rain that fills our local water supplies.

Even though there are water treatment facilities in all residential areas across the country, this doesn’t guarantee that all of the pollutants are removed from our water supply. Installing a water treatment filter system directly to our kitchen faucet is simply another way of removing what gets left behind.

Choices and Options

Depending on the water consumption in your household, you will have several options for water treatment systems. Some of them are as simple as a pitcher in your fridge, and others are as complicated as whole supply filtration. Lets review some of the options.

home water filtration system on kitchen counter with tools


Pitchers are the easiest filtration and treatment system to employ in your home. They will have a disposable filter near the pour spout, or near the area where the water is added to the pitcher. The filters are easy to change and relatively inexpensive.

Faucet Water Filters

These are another simple and great option for the budget minded person. These systems also use a disposable filter, but they mount directly to your kitchen faucet. When you turn the water on it runs through the filter and the water that comes out is purified without any effort on your part.

Under Sink Filters

The under sink variety will cost more, but are good for people who don’t want to see the water filter system. Many people find the faucet attached filters unsightly and will opt to place the treatment system out of sight instead. These filtration systems will filter the water a little faster, and the filters tend to last longer.

Whole Supply Filters

If you want filtration and treatment for all the water coming in to your home, then this is the best option for you. A whole water house filter will treat all the water, even the water used for bathing and laundry. The filters are actually cartridges and will last a long time. The down side to these systems is that installation can be difficult, they are expensive, and the cartridges may be hard to find.