Improve Your Landscape with Water Elements

 There are many ways to add beauty, drama and style to the exterior landscape of

There are many ways to add beauty, drama and style to the exterior landscape of a home, but few things can provide as much stunning beauty as adding a variety of water elements. From soothing garden ponds to stunning water fountains and waterfalls, adding water to the landscape can greatly improve the attractiveness and beauty of virtually any home environment. The right water features can even increase the resale value of the home.

Water elements for the landscape run the gamut of both design and price. A water element can be as simple and easy to install as a statue that doubles as a fountain, or as complex as a pond complete with fountain, waterfall and nighttime lighting. The flow of water can be slow and relaxing, or swift and exciting, depending on the nature of the setting and the taste of the homeowner. The only limitation to what can be done with these elements is the imagination, and the budget, of the individual.

No matter what type of water element is chosen, these elements have a number of advantages. For one thing, water elements are a great way to attract birds and other wildlife to your back yard. Adding fish to a garden pond can provide an additional element of drama while at the same time helping to keep those annoying insects at bay.

Adding a garden pond or other water element to the backyard landscape can also increase the choices of flowers and plants that can be incorporated into the landscape. Using a variety of water plants, as well as land-based plants and flowers, can further enhance the beauty of any landscaping project.

Despite all these advantages, many homeowners are reluctant to add water elements out of fear that these elements will be difficult to install or difficult to maintain. In fact, many common water elements can be installed and maintained with only a minimum of work and hassle. There are many excellent pre-formed pond shells and pond liners that make installing a great garden pond a snap, and there are many excellent choices for filtration and cleaning that can keep that pond looking its best for many years to come.

In addition, many companies sell complete kits for fountains, ponds, and even waterfalls. These great water elements come with complete instructions and great care tips, making it easy to incorporate the wonderful world of water into virtually any landscape environment.

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