How to Choose Between a Waterfall Bath Faucet and a Regular Faucet


Is a waterfall bath faucet the right choice for your new bathroom remodel? Many people seek to upgrade their bathrooms to add an elegant look and increase the value of their homes. How do you choose a bath faucet? Should you go with a traditional faucet or a waterfall bath faucet?

Contemporary or Ultra Modern?

The first choice to make is whether you want a contemporary or ultra-modern bathroom. Waterfall bath faucets add a picturesque scene to the bath.

Glass Waterfall Faucet

To add even more to the waterfall effect and create a sensual atmosphere, you can install a glass waterfall bath faucet. Of course, if you have a basic white on white bath and shower enclosure, this option may not be viable. If you have a modern shower and bath, a glass waterfall faucet is a solid choice. Glass faucets are available in both colors and clear glass.


Depending on the design and quality of the faucet, your budget can also have an effect on whether or not you purchase a waterfall bath faucet or a regular faucet.