Waterless Urinals for Sustainable Homes

Sustainable homes are being built and normal homes are being retrofitted each and every day to help conserve our energy and water consumption. Sustainable homes are those homes that reuse energy and water much more conscientiously. There is an effort to reuse resources and to reduce primary consumption use. There are many places and avenues with which you can create a sustainable home. Waterless urinals are the newest fixture found in homes that do just that. They reduce maintenance and reduce the water consumption in the home. They are a great replacement for the conventional urinal.

How Waterless Urinals Work

There is a trap in the waterless urinal that will naturally float on the top of heavier liquids. This happens inside the urinal drain trap. This trap will absorb the odor the waste fluid creates. It seals and traps the waste liquids entering the urinal. Studies have shown that a urinal will save over 40,000 gallons of water per year.

Restroom Advantages

Safety is probably the best way to describe the restroom advantages that are produced by installing a waterless urinal. Bacteria love wet and damp areas. They feed on water and dampness. A waterless urinal removes the dampness, the water and the liquid thereby reducing the production of any bacteria. In a normal urinal, bacteria are present because water is always being used to flush the waste away. The damp water left behind attracts additional bacteria from the flushing action of the toilet.

In addition, you spend less time cleaning this type of urinal. Because of the lack of bacteria production, it requires so much less maintenance and work. This unit can be incorporated into your routine and regular cleaning plans. Many schools of thought say that a waterless urinal should be cleaned once a day with a green cleaning product to remove any remaining soiled areas.

Cost Savings

Most types of waterless urinals only cost approximately a dollar per every 1000 flushes. In addition, waterless urinals require less maintenance. There are fewer moving parts that require regular replacement and fixing. You have no risks of overflow. You will never see a blockage or leaks. You do not need to call a plumber or a specialist in to help fix your waterless urinal, the parts are very easy to install and replace by any handy homeowner. Last, this type of urinal really does save you a great deal of money on water usage.

Conserving Water

Conservation of water helps to create a sustainable home environment. Many local governments, cities and municipalities are requiring homeowner to watch the amount of water used on different activities. Employing a waterless urinal allows you to do just that. On average, a waterless urinal saves anywhere between 20,000 and 45,000 gallons of water per year. Some local districts offer rebates to install a waterless urinal, replacing your more conventional urinal with this model and style.