Waterproofing Foundation Insulation


The waterproofing of foundation insulation is very important to prevent any water from getting inside the insulation and causing any damage to it. If you fail to insulate the foundation properly, it can cause a lot of damage to the insulation. This will also reduce the efficiency of the insulation and prevent it from working efficiently.

Prepare the Walls

Before you can waterproof and apply insulation to the walls you will need to prepare them. Scrape the walls to remove any parts of the wall which stick out. Use sugar soap to clean the surface of the walls to get rid of all signs of grease and dirt.


Now you need to do some measuring so that you can find out how much insulation and waterproofing material you need to purchase. Choosing enough material will make it much easier to ensure that the walls are insulated effectively. The waterproof membrane needs to be cut to the right size so that it fits the walls.

Another easier option would be to choose insulation materials that have waterproof membrane stuck to them. This means that you only need to worry about cutting and fitting one thing to the wall. As long as the membrane is fitted the right way around this should provide all the protection you need.

Mark Waterproof Membrane

Now you need to mark the measurements onto the pieces of the waterproof membrane. This will make it much easier to know how to cut the membrane to the right size.

Cut the Membrane

It's very easy to cut the waterproof membrane. Normally a pair of scissors or a craft knife will be enough to cut through the waterproof membrane and make sure that it's the right size. Try to cut accurately to ensure that the wall is waterproofed properly. If there isn't enough membrane then it will allow condensation through the wall.

Fix Membrane

The membrane then needs to be fixed to the wall using a staple gun or tack. This is very easy to do and should securely fix the membrane to the wall. Where there are any joints in the membrane material, be sure to overlap it. This will minimize the chances of water being able to seep through and damage the membrane.

Fix Insulation

With the wall waterproofed correctly you can then install the insulation and fix it in place. This is also very easy to do and will provide more warmth to your home. Check that the insulation is fitted correctly so that it is firmly fixed against the wall.

Finish the Wall

The wall can then be finished using drywall and plaster. This will make the wall look as good as new and as if you hadn't done anything to it. With the wall finished you should be able to leave it alone without needing to do anything in the future.