Ways to Apply Lacquer Paint

Lacquer paint can be applied in one of two generally accepted ways. Which method you choose depends on your experience with lacquer paint, the effect you are going for, and the object you plan to paint. Below are a few suggestions to help make the choice between the two.

Applying With A Sprayer

Applying lacquer paint with a spray is the most widely preferred method. Lacquer dries so fast that a sprayer is often the only way to get a decent, smooth coat. However, it has some inherent drawbacks. Toxic fumes require some sort of mask, and require an open and/or ventilated area for the spraying. The flammable, volatile nature also makes the sprayer very dangerous if used around an open flame. And of course, in the hands of a novice, the sprayer is likely to cause a “rippled” effect in appearance.

Applying With A Brush

Using a brush to apply the lacquer paint is the least favorable of the two. This is mainly due to the fact that often lacquer dries too fast to produce an adequate, smooth coat. There are conditions when it may be preferred, however. For example, when using lacquer on smaller objects, such as model sets, to use a sprayer might be over kill. Also, if you don’t have an adequate open or ventilated area that the sprayer requires, using the brush may be your only choice.

Professional Methods

There are other methods out there for applying lacquer paint, such as vacuum coaters or roller coaters. However, these often require specialized equipment and training not readily available to the consumer.