Ways to Clean and Maintain Your Window Casing

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A window casing is a decorative addition around the outer edges of your window. A window that has no casing would make your room appear like an ongoing construction project. The window casing is cut according to the length and width that is on the outline of a window and it is secured in place with the use of finishing nails to frame and complete the appearance of a window.

There are various materials that are used for window casings but if you are using bamboo casing or natural wood, you can leave them unpainted because of their natural beauty. Other types of casing materials like wood veneer and plastic may be painted with a color that will look appropriate with the rest of the room.

Regular Maintenance of Window Casings

If you have a wood casing around your window, it is important that you have an inspection of the area where the casing meets up with the wall. There might be gaps that may develop which you can fill up with high-quality latex caulk that you can paint on. Make sure that you fill up all gaps and cracks in between.

If you are using vinyl or metal window casing, the same process of inspecting around the edges should be done as well as the filling up of gaps with latex caulk.

For an add-on storm window, you have to make sure that the frame of the unit is well sealed and seated against the casing of the window with caulk. Be sure that the weep holes which were made at the factory on the bottom part of the window frame are not sealed. These holes are there to allow moisture that may accumulate inside the window framework to drain through.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Casing Caulk

The bead of caulk that is used for your window casing as well as on both sides of the area where the glass meets up with the window frame should be cleaned and maintained regularly, as it cracks and splits or even fall out through time. If you see any caulk peeling off from the casing or the window itself, you have to replace it. You can peel off old caulk but make sure you do not peel the paint from the window frame or sash as well.

You can clean your window and casing with a light cleanesr to remove dirt and grime that have accumulated on them. If there are bits of grime that stay on the window after the cleaning, you can use the side of a razor in scraping them off. If there is a need to reapply caulking around the edges, follow the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Taking Care of Rot

If your window casing is made from a natural material and you notice the appearance of rot, you may have to replace the whole casing. Although it will necessitate the removal of the whole casing, the task is simpler than attempting to remove various parts of the casing. Do not apply paint on areas that have rotted.