Ways to Modify Kitchen Island Furniture

There are several ways to modify kitchen island furniture to suit both your personal tastes and functional needs. The island can easily be modified to fit the décor of your modern kitchen. When talking about installation of a permanent kitchen island, most are going to be customized to match your cabinets and conform to the space that the room naturally will allot. You can also turn a store-bought island on wheels into a piece of custom furniture with a little imagination.

Install Legs

Install legs at the ends of the island or possibly add legs attached to a fold-down table for eating or other uses. Attach it to one end with hinges and securing legs that can fold under, and a table that swings on hinges to lie flat against the island side when not in use.

Add Lighting

Add decorative pendant lighting to illuminate your fixed kitchen island. Perhaps the use of a mini-chandelier, recessed fluorescent, or art glass globed or shaded light fixture can add a different look to your kitchen island. Add task lighting that can be manipulated much like a desk table lamp for directing illumination toward specific areas when needed to complete a chore at hand. Consider the installation of a dimmer switch for greater illumination level control.

Appliance Drawers

A great idea is to install appliance drawers like those found in commercial kitchens. These could include a freezer or refrigerator drawer. You may want to get fancy, installing a dish warmer drawer or perhaps a dishwasher itself. Another choice could be a wine cooler under the counter.

Pull-out Storage

Add pull-out storage racks and shelves that make access easier. Install narrow vertical storage space to accommodate baking sheets and cutting boards. Install a pull-out spice rack, ready at arm’s length whenever needed.


Install a kangaroo-type removable mobile smaller island that inserts into the “pouch” of the larger, mother island with matching features. This feature adds a dimension of flexibility to an already highly-functional kitchen. You can design a removable mobile section as a cookbook rack or possibly use it for a spice rack as well. Install one with a chopping block top to add more cutting surface area to your work environment.

Decorative Sink

Install a decorative sink to add a distinct creative flair that is possibly an odd shape like a horse trough, or made from an unusual material for sinks like copper. It may not be as practical as the main kitchen sink but it will add accent to the room décor. Some sinks come equipped with an old-fashioned water hand pump faucet, which makes them unique in both look and function. Discover a variety of “show-off” decorative faucets that can help turn your kitchen island into a centerpiece room attraction.

Modifying a small mobile kitchen island cart can also be a worthy project, enhancing its use. Many come with plain top areas that can be customized by adding a butcher-block for cutting chores.