Weatherize Your Window Air Conditioner

What You'll Need
Foam Insulation
Utility Knife
Putty Knife
Garbage Bag
New Filter

A window air conditioner is a great appliance during those long, hot summer days. They can sit in your window and pleasantly cool off your room to save you from the humidity and searing heat. However, they can also be costly to run. One way to save on the cooling bill, and save your air conditioner from repairs, is to weatherize it. Here are some steps to take when weatherizing your air conditioner.

First Step - Insulate Around Air Conditioner

Weatherizing doesn't mean only in the winter. Summer weatherization is also an important part of keeping your utility costs down and protecting your air conditioner from the elements. To keep the cold air in, and the hot air out, you will need to insulate around the entire perimeter of the air conditioner.

Cut strips of firm foam insulation to the correct measurements of the window. You will need one piece for all the sides of the air conditioner. Use your putty knife and push the insulation around the perimeter of the air conditioner between the conditioner and the window frame.

Second Step - Change Air Conditioner Filter

One of the first things you should do after placing the air conditioner in the window to weatherize it in the summer is to change the air filter. A dirty air filter, after running the previous year and being stored during the winter, will cause your air conditioner to run harder and less efficient.

Third Step - Protect In Winter

If you live in the northern areas of the country, then you will need to remove the window air conditioner to store it. However, there are some areas where you can leave it in the window and just cover it to winter weatherize it.
Remove the front cover of the air conditioner and place a plastic garbage bag over the insides. Wrap it entirely and tuck the garbage back inside all the way around. Replace the front cover and your air conditioner is protected from cold air circulating within in it.

Fourth Step - Cover

Another step to winter weatherize your window air conditioner is to place a heavy fabric bag over the outside of the unit. These bags are specially made to provide protection for the air conditioner during the colder weather, snow, and ice.
Covers are also important during the summer months too by keeping them covered during hard rain storms, wind storms, and major weather like hurricanes.

Fifth Step - Storage

Storing your air conditioner is another form of weatherizing. Storing is not just a matter of removing from the window and placing in an unused corner of your basement or garage. Wrap the air conditioner in a breathable fabric and keep off the floor. This will keep moisture from building up in the air conditioner and off cold floors. Do not set any other items on the air conditioner as you will bend the cooler fins on the condenser.