Weatherproofing a Fiberglass Garage Door

Fiberglass garage doors offer better durability than other garage door materials such as wood. However, the door may not be able to protect the home from extreme cold or heat if it is not weatherproofed. Here are some weatherproofing ideas that can help you save on energy and maintenance costs.


Painting provides the first line of defense against damage. It does not only provide a layer of protection, it also provides an aesthetic effect. Before painting, be sure to sand the surfaces to make them rough. This allows the coat to adhere easily. Use a primer that acts as a sealer as well before cutting the finishing paint. This adds better water protection and extends the life of the paint and the door itself. Make sure to use a paint designed for exterior use.


Like painting, staining also provides a certain degree of protection against the effects of a storm, a drizzle, or rain. However, this method is best used for fiberglass garage doors that are designed to mimic the texture of wood. Since most fiberglass doors are designed this way, staining can be a better option than painting because it preserves the original design and color of the door.

To stain the door, do sand the surfaces first to make staining a lot easier. Cut the stain evenly to avoid producing uneven color tones. During the first coat apply the stain thinly. Let it dry, sand it again to make it coarse, and apply a thicker finishing coat. Wait for it to dry. It may only take a few minutes depending on the weather and the type of stain used.

Providing Insulation

Perhaps the best way to weatherproof the entire door is to provide it insulation. The insulation process will prevent too much heat from entering the room during hot summer days. During the winter, it will also protect the home from the cold outside. This in turn saves a lot of money.

In addition to insulating against extreme temperatures, it also insulates against noise. A noisy garage can disturb the neighborhood. By providing insulation, you avoid getting into trouble with the neighbors. The noise from the outside will also be insulated, thus providing a quiet room to work in during certain periods of time.

There are ready-made insulation kits available at home improvement centers. Kits usually contain foam insulation pads pre-cut to fit most garage door panels. The foams will need to be glued and tucked into the panels. Installing the kit is made easy. Simply follow the given instructions on the kit.

Repair Damages

Damages in the fiberglass door can compromise the protection provided by the door’s coating and insulation. Therefore, it is wise to inspect it every once in a while to check for damages. Scratches can be repaired easily by repainting or re-staining. However, a puncture or a crack should be patched with fiberglass cloth and resin. The patch can be bought as a complete kit. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when patching because fiberglass patching products can be hazardous if used improperly.