Weigela Propagation Methods

What You'll Need
Small Pots
Soil Less Potting Mixture
Plastic Bag
Rooting Hormone

Weigela is an old fashioned type shrub that has arching branches and beautiful bell shaped blossoms. They are a favorite of hummingbirds and butterflies. The Weigela has been popular in landscapes since the early 1800's and is related to the honeysuckle. Weigela is mostly used to accent hillsides, near fences or along borders.

You can get Weigela started by using several different methods. All of which will lead to a successful planting of this heirloom shrub. Here are some tips to use to successfully propagate Weigela shrubs for your landscape or garden.

Step One - Propagate By Cutting

The most successful way to propagate your weigela is through taking a cutting from an established shrub. This will help you get several new plants started as it is quite easy to achieve a Weigela rooting through cuttings.

Step Two - Cut Branch with Sharp Shears

From a mature plant you can cut off a branch to start your Weigela shrub. This cutting should be taken just before the blossoms start to come out. Use very sharp shears to take your cutting. Dull shears will cause you to break off the branch instead of cutting the branch. Also it will make a more stressful wound to the main plant causing it to be susceptible to bugs, pests, and disease.

Step Three - Dip In Water and Hormone

After you have cut off the branch, you are going to use for propagating. Immediately dip it into water and into some rooting hormone. The rooting hormone is very important because it will stimulate the branch into producing the chemicals it needs to root.

Step Four - Place in Container

Place the cutting into a pot with soil less potting mixture. Prior to placing the cutting into the mixture, make sure that you prepare the soil by getting it moist.

Step Five - Place in Plastic

Instead of watering the plant you will be putting the pot into a plastic bag or a plastic container. Place the container near a sunny window. Now you have a mini greenhouse that will keep the plant warm and the moisture inside the plastic. The moisture will keep the plant watered while it is rooting.

Step Six - Wait a Month

Once you have the plant situated on its plastic greenhouse, you will then begin the waiting game. It will take at least a month for the Weigela shrub to start growing. Once you see some new growth started you can take it out of the plastic and plant into the soil.

Step Seven - Plant In Soil

Once the shrub is growing, you can transplant into the soil where you want it. Make sure the soil is moist, but well drained. Add a little fertilizer to the soil mixture and work it into it. Place the Weigela shrub into the hole and pat the soil around it. Add enough water to wet the ground.