Well Water Problems: How to Check for Dissolved Gas in the Water

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What You'll Need
Transparent container
Testing kit

Among the various well water problems, dissolved gases in the well is a major problem. Various gasses can be found in well water. Few dissolved gases are very important; several other dissolved gases like methane, carbon dioxide, or hydrogen sulphide can be very harmful.

These dissolved gases spoil the water; moreover, contaminated water can cause many diseases if consumed. Methane is also an explosive gas, making its presence in the well water the well exceptionally risky.

Step 1 - Basic Testing

Presence of any dissolved gas can be tested very easily. Collect the water in a containerk Look closely to determine whether the water is milky in color or not. If you see bubbles on the top of the container and if the milky color of the water disappears from the bottom to the top, then dissolved gases are present.

Step 2: Determine the Gas

The dissolved gases are colorless, so it is difficult to detect which gas is present. Collect sample water using the testing kit and send it to the lab for testing.