What Alternative Pool Chemicals Are Available?

Pool chemicals are used to sanitize the water in your pool, keep it clean, and those who use the pool healthy. In general, pools require two primary things to keep them clean. Those things are sanitization and of course, circulation. However, just because we need to sanitize the pool, doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to use harsh chemicals.


Basic Pool Chemicals

The basic chemicals in use in most pool systems today are:

  • Bromine – while bromine is a chemical that is chlorine based, it is actually a chemical that works in a much more gentle way than chlorine.
  • Chlorine – chlorine is the chemical that is more traditionally used but it has its issues. There is of course the harsh smell that is associated with it but it is the less expensive alternative to anything else.

The use of chemicals to treat the water in swimming pools became necessary as a means of prevention of illness and infection. Most people do not realize that without sanitizing the water in the pool can cause the spread of diseases such as Legionella, Staphylococcus or other such illnesses.


Risks of Chemicals

Chlorine and bromine for that matter can be harsh. They can cause eye and skin irritation, they certainly will discolor bathing suits and possibly even your hair. These chemicals are oxidants and overuse can cause some serious issues.

There are also concerns about the use of chemicals and the overall effect they have on the planet.


Pool Chemical Alternatives

Thankfully, with the advances of technology there are now alternatives to using harsh pool chemicals in our filter system. There are now systems such as ozone generators that will introduce ozone into the water as it circulates through your pump. It is with this method that the water is sanitized.

Both copper and silver are well known to have properties that make them anti-bacterial. These are made use of as a method of mineral sanitization and they kill off bacteria as it circulates through the ionization system. It is a very effective method and a great alternative to harsh chemicals.

Another alternative is called catalytic sanitization which uses oxidation and minerals which kill off bacteria in its process.

While these alternatives while generally a little more expensive than chemicals they offer you the benefits of not having to rely on chemicals to get the job done – this is ultimately good for the environment, and your health.

Whatever method you decide to use will ultimate depend on several factors including your budget, and circumstances as they pertain to you as an individual. However, if you are looking for alternatives to pool chemicals, know that there are indeed other ways to sanitize your pool without having to use them.

As with anything else, just be sure that you follow all instructions from the manufacturer for proper and safe use of their products.