What Appliances Are Worth the Investment?

smiling woman loading or unloading dishwasher

There are many ways to cut corners and save a little money when you’re remodeling, and lots of things you can purchase inexpensively that create a big impression to get a lot of bang for your buck. But when it comes to your appliances, there are times when it’s worth it to invest a little extra and go ahead and buy something a little bit nicer. Spend your money well on appliances, and you’ll end up saving yourself much more money over time.


Clearly, no home is a home without a refrigerator. You will have your fridge for several years, and you'll depend upon it to hold your cold drinks, your food, ingredients, and more. It's definitely worth an investment to put your money in a good fridge.

You don't necessarily need an icemaker or fancy smart technology, however. Focus on getting a fridge in the right size and the right finish. It's a big element of your kitchen, and it has a lot to do with how the room looks, so it's worth it to make sure the fridge looks beautiful in the room. If you're going to spend extra, spend extra on getting an energy-efficient model. This will end up saving you money in the long term.

woman checking out new refrigerator


The microwave oven is here to stay. This is a must-have small appliance, and it's definitely worth spending a little extra on because you're going to use your microwave all the time. It's perfect for defrosting meats, reheating leftovers and coffee, making shortcut meals, and preparing tasty snacks.

Washer and Dryer

Get a washer and dryer no matter what you do. You will save yourself untold amounts of time and money you might have otherwise spent going to the laundromat. Spend the money to get a new washer and dryer instead, and you'll have them for many years. Buy energy-efficient models to save yourself even more money over time. It's well worth the investment to handle laundry easily at home—wash items in cold water to use less energy per wash.


open dishwasher shelf with drying dishes

Yes, it's totally worth the money to go ahead and get a dishwasher. Not only will you save yourself an unknown amount of hours, but you'll also save a ton of water. Modern dishwashers are made for optimal energy efficiency and will use far less water than hand-washing dishes.

You may use up to 27 gallons of water per load of dishes, compared to about three gallons of water the dishwasher will use. You will literally save thousands of gallons of water in just one year if you get an energy-efficient dishwasher. This is an investment that will start giving you immediate returns, and you can't beat that.

Save yourself even more water and stop rinsing your plates before you put them in the dishwasher. Scrape them clean or wipe them off a bit with a paper towel. Modern dishwashers don't need a lot of help to get your dishes clean, so stop pre-washing right now. Let the dishes dry on their own, rather than using the heated dry cycle, and save yourself even more energy.

Investing in Your Home

There are many ways to recycle, upcycle and do various DIY cheats to save a little money and still make something look great. But when it comes to some of your main appliances, you want to spend a little more so you can get a little more out of them. It’s not a splurge to buy the energy-efficient choice because this will end up saving you money on home costs over time.

With the extra money you’ll have from making such a smart investment, you can re-invest into your home and make future upgrades! Put your money where it matters and invest in some of your big appliances. As far as the other appliances in your home, we won’t tell if you decide to spend a little less.