What are Corral Panels

Corral panels are essential commodities for anyone who owns or keeps a horse. Corral panels are not usually solid panels in the way we think about wall paneling or wainscoting. Corral panels are best described as modular fencing which allows plenty of room for the horses to roam and run, while at the same time, keeping them secure.

What kinds are There?

Permanent panels are available in many different materials, like iron, wood or steel. They are permanently set into a piece of designated land which has been chosen as the corral area for keeping horses. There are also portable versions which can be temporarily placed and then dismantled and stored or moved until needed.

How do they Work?

Corral panels are modular, which means they will hook together and can be shaped into any pattern for best results. If you are simply letting a horse stay over night for whatever reason, a modular corral panel is ideal for setting up easily and locking into place. There is no need for digging of trenches, because the panels come with stakes which simply knock into the ground and can be easily taken out after you are finished with them. Most styles come with either 4, 5 or 6 bars and are an average height of five feet. They are particularly useful for temporary installation for horse fairs, rodeos and equine shows when the field is rented for just a weekend or short period of time.